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IRIS M technology has been successfully implemented in our processes. It is now being used to inspect machinery in maintenance. The training provided was of a professional standard. The trainer was very knowledgeable in the field and was able to explain all questions promptly.

PSZ-Central Technical Service
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„Die angeschaffte Motion Amplification ® IRIS MX™ bietet uns durch die einmalige Schwingungsvisualisierung neue Möglichkeiten die Fehler und Optmierungspotentiale in Produktionsanlagen einfacher und schneller zu finden. Durch das für uns optimal abstimmte Training und Beispiele konnte wir das neue Tool bereits bei ersten Kundenaufträgen erfolgreich einsetzen, danke.”

Peter Malz
Leiter Condition Monitoring, Instandhaltung

„Our vibration diagnostic team performed the Iris M training. By this we received the know-how of optical vibration measurements. For years now, we practice successful motion amplification camera measurements in Nuclear Power Plants and on their components. The camera helps to understand the vibration behavior by getting quite fast an overview about vibration mode shapes. For example, the camera helps to figure out the source of high vibrations. The analyzation and visualization software allows the presentation of the measurement result to the customer within a short time. In case of questions regarding camera and software operation, Vims provided a great service regarding solving issues.”

Christian Gratz
Installed Base Services, Life Time Management IBGSL
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„NEAC has expanded its portfolio in the field of vibration measurement with the IRIS M camera from RDI. The quick visualization and good analysis through a video report are beneficial for our service which we offer to you”

Rene Anke

„A few month ago, we as Linde REE Reliability Team decided to use Motion Amplification® for the first time, to find out by this special motion/vibration analysis the rootcause of our blower previous failure at our regional VPSA plant.Company VIMS, as an official representative and certified service provider from Poland was happy to come and support us by this visualization of vibration on site.Thanks to VIMS Team for their professional work and for the detailed report including videos what they provided, seems we have found the possible root cause of the previous failure. Big Thanks to their unbelievable flexibility and customer focused mentality too!!!”

Bertalan Magyar
Rotating Equipment Specialist Engineer
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„Szkolenie zostało przygotowane i przeprowadzone w sposób profesjonalny i rzetelny z indywidualnym podejściem do potrzeb każdego z uczestników. Świetne przygotowanie merytoryczne trenera i zdolność do przekazywania wiedzy w sposób zrozumiały przełożyło się na wiedzę uczestników szkolenia.
Polecamy VIMS jako profesjonalną firmę specjalizującą się w nowoczesnych technologiach dla działów utrzymania ruchu.”

Maciej Sochaczewski
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„The training was very, very good because of the detailed information and the practical instructions. Basic knowledge was provided in a real good manner.”

Roland Schuhmann
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„As with any measurement, you have to know exactly what to do. Through the excellent training we have mastered the basics and the details.”

Philipp Stapper
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„A real great device, which delivers a new perspective in the field of vibration measurement. We use it since several weeks with significant success.”

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Humer
Leiter / Head of Produktgruppe Schwingungen / Product group vibrations
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„Based on friendly cooperation between ArcelorMittal Poland and VIMS Sp. z o.o., one set of RDI camera IRIS M has been purchased from VIMS in year 2018 and commissioned in 2019. The RDI system working in many localisations of ArcelorMittal in Poland. We are very glad to recommend this reliable set and cooperation with VIMS company.”

Zbigniew Gryt
Project Manager
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„Na początku 2019 roku zakupiliśmy do Działu Diagnostyki Maszyn Technologię RDI. Jej dostawcą była firma VIMS z Krakowa. W ramach dostawy było dwudniowe szkolenie, podczas którego Pan Wojciech Pozłutko i Pan Dominik Wrona w sposób teoretyczny i praktyczny, a przede wszystkim jasny i klarowny przedstawili pracownikom Działu obsługę sprzętu i oprogramowania do wzmacniania drgań obrazu.”

Paweł Góralski
Starszy inżynier wsparcia produkcji
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„Acquiring of Motion Amplification® IRIS MX™ camera in 2021 for our diagnostic department has helped to eliminate a lot of guessing in many cases as to where the real faults reside within our production equipment. The vibration visualization is incredibly graphical with actionable results for follow up maintenance. It definitely saves a lot of time for everybody involved. It is excellent tool for preventive and predictive maintenance.

The initial training provided by VIMS ® Company is proper mix of theory and exercises. The trainer is well rounded within his field of expertise and provided our technicians with deep knowledge of the IRIS M™ and IRIS MX™ systems. Motion Amplification® of recordings, filtration of frequencies and creating graphs is a lot of fun. The training finished with on-line exam to provide our technicians with certificate.”

Vaclav Cisar
Maintenance Engineer
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„We found the support and fast responses to be excellent throughout our interactions – from enquiry to demonstration and finally for purchasing and training arrangements”

Averil Carroll
Lead Vibration Engineer

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